Here at Rotan Mercantile Co we have been striving as a local family owned and operated business for over a decade and still counting! We have everything from your simple quick grabs at a convenience store, to your more heavy duty projects such as construction and plumbing the fundamentals of both store types in one.
From looking at our wide selection of plumbing supplies, paints, and hardware selection to our seasonal clothing, gifts, and home products. Not only do we make sure you find exactly what you are looking for but we do it with the best customer service! Rotan Mercantile Co is the one place for everything!

Pipes | Fixtures | Hardware | Tools

Having a pipe leak under the sink? No worries, we have a wide selection of plumbing supplies to fit your homes needs. We are the shop for you when it's time for new hardware supplies and materials. No matter how big or small the task is we have everything you need to execute it!

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Paint/Primer | Brushes | Tape | Tarp

Rotan Mercantile Co can help give your lifeless room a new purpose with a new color! We carry all that is needed when planning to create a DIY project or a large at home project. If you’re needing a specific color or product come in and we will help you achieve it!

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Construction Materials
Lumber | Hardware | Concrete

Ranging from tools needed for new light switch installation(s) to a new decking system designed to compliment the new paint job on your house, chances are we have the needed particulars! No matter the size and complexity of the job needs, we generally have the equipment and materials to complete it to your desire.

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Livestock Supplies
Feed | Stock Tanks | Pest Control

Need to have a better feeding system for your animals? Look no further, we have a great selection of all livestock essentials to complete the day to day tasks. No matter how big or small the animal is, Rotan Mercantile Co eliminates the struggle in finding your feeding materials.

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Landscaping Equipment
Shovels | Rakes | Picks | Hoses

We all love having a beautiful yard to show off from season to season, you just need to know where to get the equipment. Here at Rotan Mercantile Co you can get anything from a simple hose to water the plants in the spring to a big leaf blower for the leaves in the fall.

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Celebrating Customer Convenience
For Over A Decade!

Rotan Mercantile Co has been the most reliable one-stop shops that is a local hot spot for everyone’s needs. Since the beginning of our business, our goal has been to provide the best customer service to all who step foot through our door. When you come into our store determined to get specifics, don’t be surprised if you pick up a few additional items that weren’t on the list.

With our large selection of products, you will never feel discouraged by not finding what you need or want. Our employees here are determined to make sure you have a great experience and to also make sure that at the end of their visit they had everything they needed like when they first walked in.

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